Quick installation at cpanel

1.Configure Database

Login to cPanel and create a brand new database that will be used for your application what you uploaded at cpanel for installation.

You can check this tutorial how to setup MySQL database in cPanel if you are not familiar with how to configure database.

  • Login to cPanel by accessing www.yourdomain.com/cpanel and navigate go MySQL Databases, note that this step may vary and in some hosting providers can be different.
  • Create database.
  • Create user and set up user password. (write in a note username and password because needs to be re-used later)
  • Add the user to the database by selecting the database and the username.
  • Make sure you have checked All privileges when adding the user to the database.

2. Upload files to server

Upload the files to server folder where the application will be installed.

  1. Assume that you uploaded the files to “bdtask” folder, navigate to EX-. http://yourdomain.com/bdtask/install – Keep in mind that you need to adjust the URL based on where you uploaded the files. If you are installing on subdomain named EX- bdtask you need to access the url like http://bdtask.yourdomain.com/install.
  2. If all server requirements passed click Go to Files/Folders Permissions otherwise consult with your hosting provider to fix/enable them.
  3. If all permissions are passed click Setup Database otherwise you need to set 755 permissions for folders and 644 for files.
  4. Delete the .env file if exists in install/flag/ directory . We added default empty flag...please you check every time before installing.
  5. Keep your application database into sql directory and rename it as install.sql .we already added here default database.So, you do not need.if needed then you can follow this section
  6. Enter your database credentials you configured in step 1 (configure database).
  7. Enter your database name, username, password, hostname (default: localhost) and click on Next button
  8. Click Check Database and if the database connection is successfully you will be passed to the latest step otherwise please re-check your credentials and hostname. (usually, hostname is localhost but you should check with your hosting provider or cPanel)
  9. Just wait 10 seconds to complete the installation process
  10. If face any problem just Re-check if the base URL is correct
  11. Enter your admin username and password that will be used for login.
  12. Select your timezone – If needed and please first go to settings option and setup your profile and company information.
  13. Click Install, if the installation is successful you will see the message Installation Successful.
  14. Delete the installation folder.

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