What type of information or resources i have to share for generating white label Apk

Usually, the Android app has standard formate to generate apk file to publish at play store or other stores. 

Here, we have given the sample resources or information sample which you have to share to get a white label apk file. 

Number 1: You have to share the app name. eg; Khai Dhai Restaurant, NY Cousine.

Number 2: You have to provide the app package name. eg; com.nycousineapp.waiterapp

Number 3: You have to provide the Gmail account credentials for creating firebase account. it can be any Gmail account. 

Number 4: App default logo or icon. Usually, we recommend to provide the 512*512 Pixel app logo.

Number 5: If u want to make your app more attractive then you must have to share Splash screen image. Basically, the splash screen has many sizes but we usually recommend to provide the highest size of the splash screen image. 
  • Portrait: 960px1600px
  • Landscape: 1600x960px

Number 6: Base URL of the web version of the software. eg: paglabiryani.com

Number 7: You have to provide us cpanel/ftp/server login credentials of the web version of the software to connect api's with the app. 

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